IS2 | What

IS2 operate exclusively within the General Insurance industry, specifically in providing web based E-trading platforms for insurers and brokers who offer products and schemes for commercial insurances. We work with businesses who are looking to grow their online channel, increase distribution, or benefit from automating costly administration.

This is all we do, so we have no other distractions.

This specilisation means that with our targeted technology and very focused know how, we are well placed to make a positive contribution to your project.

One key difference with IS2 is that whilst the solution developed for you will use the underlying proven components of our platform, what is built will be bespoke to your business. This doesn’t mean it will take longer to build, or cost a lot more, but it does mean it will absolutely meet your requirements.


What is it?

The IS2 E-Trading platform has been developed over many years and matured into a feature rich solution, benefiting from an evolution guided by real practical experience.

Today we are able to offer online solutions for even the most complex combined risks, incorporating quote & buy for you and your trading partners, supported by a super sophisticated back office administration system.

In addition to the technical solution, there is a lot to consider and we are able to advise on all aspects of creating an online channel, from generating traffic, through to how to process risks which fall outside the constraints of your web based offering.

Where we are also different, is that although the IS2 platform has core proven components, your project will be built to your requirements, your look feel and your way of working. Why should you lose use your advantage by having the same offering as your competitors?

What does it do?

The IS2 commercial lines E-trading solution provides a platform for businesses who are serious about trading online, it is of course dependent on what your requirements are, but it can include

  • A modern professionally designed brochure website, optimised for desktop and mobile devices, or integrates with an existing site or brand. This is the landing point, it shouldn’t be underestimated as a key component in establishing your credentials
  • Online quote & buy for your customers and or your trading partners. Including complex combined risks
  • Full product lifecycle self-service for customers
  • Refer / continue system and workflow for underwriters
  • Back office administration for your staff, partners and underwriters
  • Transfer of an existing book of business
  • Comprehensive management information