IS2 | Our Solutions

@IS2 we have customers of all shapes and sizes. Typically our customers are looking for an established business with a proven track record, with extensive industry knowledge, who can provide good value for money, using modern technology and can meet sensible timelines. Although some of our customers have access to significant resources and large teams of in-house software developers, but they still choose to use IS2. They do because they know they we can deliver a solution which meets their specific requirements, delivered in a realistic commercial timeframe and within a sensible budget.


We are happy to provide customer references/case studies on request, in the meantime here is what we think are some compelling reasons to at least give us an opportunity to show you what we can do.

  • We will not let you down – we have been established for over 20 years and most of our business comes from referrals for a job well done.
  • Our sole focus and expertise is within General Insurance and specifically Commercial Lines.
  • Our platform is proven and low risk.
  • It can be deployed in B2C, B2B, direct or through partners, wholesale and retail.
  • We believe it offers the most technically advanced and feature rich solution available today.
  • We can cater for even the most complex risks and niche specialities.
  • We have a low cost of entry and phased roadmap which can be linked to ROI and we do not charge transaction fees or per seat fees.
  • We can hit ambitious timelines and budgets.
  • We use modern scalable technology and we host on the Azure Cloud.

  • Atlas not only claims but truly delivers a single customer view for all users and digitally enables customers to enhance their experience
  • The Atlas UI and customer-facing journeys consume the same APIs to deliver real-time customer and policy information regardless of which interface is used
  • Atlas delivers additional business efficiency and a single source of the truth, allowing our clients to make better business decisions and react faster to market conditions  
  • Full lifecycle, cost saving, self-service for partners and customers
  • Underwriting portal for efficient automation of referrals including workflow
  • Multi-channel – wholesale, retail and internal
  • Provides an end to end solution, or as part of an Eco System