Our Solutions

The Atlas insurance platform provides digital distribution and administration for insurers, insurtechs, MGAs, and scheme brokers.

IS2 works with businesses that are looking to create or grow their existing digital channels, increase and protect distribution, offer strategic partners a platform to trade and benefit from automating costly administration.

The Atlas platform can be implemented in a B2C or B2B context, embedded, direct or through partners, affiliates and agents, retail and or wholesale. It includes a comprehensive back office, an underwriting portal, accounting and full lifecycle self-service for your customers and partners.

Atlas is a key part of IS2's ability to deliver a solution that meets requirements, gets delivered in a realistic commercial timeframe, and within a sensible budget. More importantly, it delivers tangible results—it achieves growth, makes savings, and widens distribution reach.

Build it once

Insurance products are built once and enabled via API. This allows you to easily distribute your products across all channels, with pricing readily available to support your digital distribution plans


Omni-channel platform

You can utilise Atlas as an internal platform for wholesale/retail purposes, both for your partners and direct customers. Your data resides in a single database, for one source of the truth


Technology that works for you

Atlas provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution or can be implemented as part of an Ecosystem working alongside your existing systems. It offers a comprehensive API that simplifies integrations and data access


Modern technology and infrastructure

Atlas is cloud-native, API first and designed for scalability, with a microservices based containerised infrastructure. A necessity to meet the requirements of any modern digital roadmap


Functionally rich

Comprehensive policy administration with a full accounting suite. Online partner and customer channels and a sophisticated underwriting portal. Real-time metrics and MI. Mature API for external partner access


Self-service where it counts

Full online policy lifecycle access for your customers and partners. Self-sufficiency tools for you in important areas like pricing, promotions, user permissions and workflow management

Hiscox Events


A true multi-channel implementation for Hiscox’s Events business. Including a direct to customer quote & bind channel, full lifecycle self-service, wholesale access for brokers, back office and a sophisticated underwriting portal.

End customer journey  

Brownhill Insurance Group

Specialist Scheme Broker

Offering specialist art collectors insurance, Brownhill use Atlas for quote & buy, full lifecycle self-service for customers and administration internally through the Atlas back office.

End customer journey  

Markel Direct


Offering combined PI, Charities, Crafts & Tradesman for SME’s the Markel Direct platform includes quote & bind, full lifecycle self-service, API access and white labelling for partners and back office and underwriting portal.

End customer journey  

Hamilton Fraser

Specialist Scheme Broker

Hamilton Fraser-Professional Indemnity Insurance, a specialist solution for property agents. Online quote & buy, full lifecycle self-service for members and a back office solution including accounting.

End customer journey  

Seamless multi-channel distribution

  • Designed to support a wide distribution model
  • Atlas facilitates centrally hosted pricing
  • With true multi-channel capability
  • Supporting a ‘build it once’ digital roadmap
  • A powerful solution for key partners with and without their own digital capability
  • Microservices,  API-first,  Cloud-native
  • Atlas truly delivers a single customer view for all users and digitally enables customers to enhance their experience
  • The Atlas UI and customer-facing journeys consume the same APIs to deliver real-time customer and policy information regardless of which interface is used
  • Atlas delivers additional business efficiency and a single source of the truth, allowing our clients to make better business decisions and react faster to market conditions
  • Full lifecycle, cost saving, self-service for partners and customers
  • Underwriting portal for efficient automation of referrals including workflow
  • Multi-channel – wholesale, retail and internal
  • Provides an end to end solution, or as part of an Eco System

The underlying technology

  • A modern multi-tenanted microservices API based scalable architecture, running in Kubernetes with an Linkerd2 service mesh for internal communications
  • Built with a modern scalable technology stack
    • .NET 6 MVC Frontend
    • .NET 6 REST based Microservices Backend
    • Containerization using Docker on Linux
    • Container Orchestration using Kubernetes
    • Service Mesh
    • Native Cloud, hosted on Azure AKS
    • API based, used by all satellite journeys
  • The services communicate internally via a Linkerd service mesh and event-driven integrations using RabbitMQ. The services expose RESTful APIs used by the other services and the UI elements of the solution. In addition, all services use Redis caches to speed up common data access to reduce the load on SQL and increase service performance.
  • Authorisation and authentication are handled by Keycloak, which is integrated using industry-standard OAuth2 protocols and cookies for UI security. JWT is used to secure the services.