IS2 | Commercial lines e-trading platform

Atlas – the cloud platform for insurance from IS2

A powerful solution for multi-channel distribution

Pioneers at the outset of E-Trading for General Insurance, IS2 power innovative digital solutions for Insurers, Insurtech’s, MGA’s and scheme Brokers.

Built using over two decades of experience combined with continued investment in R&D, IS2 Atlas enables sophisticated automation for the distribution and administration of even the most complex insurance products.

A technically advanced, API first platform, Atlas offers true multi-channel distribution, with a single data view. Atlas can be implemented direct or through partners, affiliates and agents. Retail, wholesale or embedded, an end-to-end solution, or as part of your Ecosystem. Atlas offers full lifecycle self-service sales and administration for your customers and partners and underwriting automation for your team.

IS2 is trusted by many marquee brands and our customers are typically seeking to improve and increase distribution, reduce costly administration and are seeking differentiation in an increasingly competitive online space. We are very used to aggressive time frames and budgets; we pride ourselves on our fast response and flexibility.

If you have an ambitious digital roadmap but are shackled by legacy technology, please get in touch and give us the chance to demonstrate what we could do for you. Given the opportunity, we will not let you down.




Simon, in my view the IS2 MGA Platform has no equal in terms of what an MGA needs from technology. We have used and looked at many systems, but none offered the power and flexibility we needed. Many say thye do, but in reality the cannot handle the complexity, or provide the self-service to the standard we want for our brokers. Looking forward to adding more products to the platform and thanks again for yours and the teams hard work in the implementation and ongoing once we were live.



The Atlas platform is functionally rich and does embody over two decades of valuable experience and knowhow, but in parallel it has also benefited from a continual programme of investment and sustained R&D.  Atlas has the power of a modern and open platform, microservices based, containerised, API first, but without the naivety which is sometimes present in the technology offered by new entrants, who perhaps underestimated the complexity of product and process in our industry.  We are proud of our heritage, but our technology has not stood still.


IS2 is a business built on long term partnerships with our customers and supporting their digital ambitions in the best way possible. Trusted by many marquee brands in our sector, we always aim to bring our experience to bear in an appropriate capacity.  We do provide the technology platform and we also offer guidance and best practice advice based on our track record of many successful implementations.  For many customers we also provide support where required with acquiring new distribution partners, for example in the Insurtech space. 


There are completely out of the box solutions available, they appear at first sight to offer a lower cost of entry. In an increasingly competitive market though, what is to be gained from having the same solution as your competitors, albeit in a different colour? We say very little, why dilute what you have to fit with everyone else’s way of working. Having your workflows, processes and approach represented properly in your digital channels no longer means protracted timelines and increased costs.